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    10.000 - 50.000

The BiteFight browser game is an online game where vampires, werewolves and competition among other gamers can come together. Registration is simple- submit your email address, check your messages for the activation link and head to BiteFight to begin the carnage!

Players are initially asked to choose to play the role of vampire or werewolf. As a vampire, you can select a hunt with a random werewolf or man as well as enter the city for various tasks. In the graveyard, level up and earn gold as a gravedigger or gardener. Head to the Voodoo Shop and use gold to purchase crystals for energy or the ability to change race. There is also an option to hide from predators with the hideout feature by building a treasure chest or a domicile. All hideouts can be upgraded for more protection and safety.

For a more personalized gaming experience, players are given a direct link to their game. This link can be shared with other gamers and friends to set up one on one competitions and to set up clans. Any time a player clicks on another player’s link, he/she is bitten and the linked player earns points and gold. Player statistics are available at all times and contain specifics such as strength, dexterity and endurance.

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